A New Pet In The Family!

Kids are often willing to promise anything in order to get a new pet. Parents should open their hearts to the warmth and companionship a pet can provide, but also be prepared to have a bumpy ride full of adventures; sometimes funny, sometimes not so much. Owning a pet is a serious endeavor and long term commitment. The decision should be wisely made with all family members included. 

To make bringing a pet into the family an exciting moment, the parent can take elements from the child’s imagination and transport them into this charming story of love, transition and humor. Like in all Bookata books, the whole story can be personalized: the child’s and his or her sibling’s gender, age, race, and name. And, of course, the pet: name, breed, color, etc. 

Original art by Claudia Mendoza. Based on a story by John H. Carroll.

Both creators are ready to make changes or to add new elements to the story, based on your suggestions. Just contact us with your ideas and we will add a special situation (text and/or illustration) to YOUR story.

By clicking on the "Preview PDF" button you can see how the book looks like. Everything highlighted in yellow and images in a yellow frame can be personalized.