My pet is gone

The loss of a pet is hard on everyone. Children can be especially sensitive at this traumatic time. Because it is often a child's first encounter with death, it is important that the situation is handled with care. With this book, a parent can thoughtfully create a commemoration space where the family honors the pet. By integrating real life elements, and events meaningful specifically to the individual pet and family, the parent is better adept in guiding their child in a positive direction toward closure.

Young children cannot grasp some abstract concepts. They simply do not understand death. The idea of the disappearance of a loved one, the wonderful friend who is a pet, for instance, it is difficult to accept. But what if this disappearance is only apparent, because the pet soul will return as another animal? It could be a wild animal, or a domestic one? A funny or an annoying one? This shortstory will propose scenarios and link together happy memories, meant to bring a smile through tears.