A black cat named Alzheimer

Alzheimer's disease currently affects millions of people. No wonder if in your family there is someone affected. When the patient is a parent or grandparent, the disease can upset the fine equilibrium within a family. If the situation is difficult for the patient and caregivers, imagine how a child feels about?

For all the members of the family, but more for the kids, the Alzheimer's disease " disrupts the roles and reverse the course of family linkage: grandchildren may feel excluded from the twin relation formed between the sick grandparent and the parent, who is now the primary caregiver.

There is an urgent need to face together the disease and to explain it to children. In case when we, as parents feel helpless in front of this complex disease, Bookata proposes an original approach, that proved since immemorial times so effective in working the magic on kids: the fairy-tale.

Is it ever a good time to tell our kids about their grand parents’ slippery road into the dark alley of Alzheimer disease? What if they are too young? Will they be frightened? Maybe not, if we use fairy-tales as foundations for this Bookata adventure involving leprechauns and witches stealing memories. This is a new title from the Bookata.com exclusive new Tough Facts of Life new collection. Original art by Monica Ortega. Based on a story by Simona Plopeanu.