The Reader is the Story

Bookata is an online publishing platform proposing a new approach in writing, distributing and experiencing stories and the storytelling process. Instead of offering a fixed narrative, our storytellers adapt their material through an explicit, multi levelled collaboration between the narrators and their audience.

The final product of our storytelling process, a digital personalized book, connects not only families and friends and strengthens communication, but also empowers creators with the imagination of their readers.

Simply stated, after the audience chooses a given story, and after a first round of personalization, the readers are empowered to ask a change, an addition, any extra piece of text or illustration, to reflect and include their unique experiences. The narrators (author and/or illustrator) will smoothly adapt and change the story, based on reader's feedback.

Started in 2009 by three dads (as an amusement for their 7 kids, combined), Bookata aims, in this first stage, to concentrate on children's life events.

The era of large publishing houses as central sources and gatekeepers of the content is eroding. The publisher no longer decides what the reader should be offered, but the reader himself creates the stories s/he needs or wants sharing with others.

In a strange way we are coming back, full circle, to the pre-Gutenberg model, to the barons, dukes and bishops of the Middle Age, even further, to the pharaonic scribes model. Back then, the rich elite used to order a hand written book, about whatever they desired. About a family tradition, or a special event in the life of one of its members or to present a particular gift to somebody. Back then, the reader knew what s/he needed, and had the means to have it.

Bookata, through its model, enables the "new elite", the new dukes and pharaohs (the Internet users!), to order their own incunabulum. Our powerful customization platform offers readers as well as creators a content-rich, interactive application to select and interact with the content until a totally personalizable story is established.

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