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In Bookata’s World, The Reader is The Vehicle, The Author is The Engine!
Latest Update: March 25, 2013 V 1.0

1. What can be learned from this quick reference?

By reading and applying the knowledge contained in this document, a author will be able to write and publish personalizable electronic documents (PEDs). The quick reference is in fact a Manual, of which only these first content items (1 to 4 as seen here) are presented via the web to the general public.

2. What is a PED?

A personalizable electronic document (PED) is a file with an appearance and a format that depend on interaction with a reader (this should clarify the simplicity of Bookata’s Motto: “The Reader Is The Story”!)
At a minimum, a PED should be:
- Configurable in independent sessions (creating and updating a PED can be done in multiple steps, independent in time, through saving partial versions);
- Personalizable in independent sessions (personalizing a PED should be possible for an unlimited number of times);
- Versatile - It should allow conversion in multiple formats (PDF, e-Book, etc.)
- Multimedia-friendly - a PED, unlike printed documents, should be able to accommodate different types of media within its content, as allowed by the formats in which the final use takes place, also called a personalized electronic document - here, PDED.

3. What does it mean to create a personalizable electronic document?

Creating a PED inherently consists of two stages:
a. Creating the structure of the PED.
b. Creating the content of the PED.
During stage a., the author defines and exemplifies the different variables that can be modified by an user during his interaction with the PED in order to generate the PDED. These variables can belong to a closed list (like a variable defining the gender: boy or girl) or to an open list (like a list of names, of which only a few can be exemplified).
During stage b., the author designs the pages of the document and indicates, by using specific placeholders, where the variables selected by the user should be inserted. The placement happens only after all the variables are defined as a result of the interaction of the user with the PED (whether set/selected by the user or accepted in their default version) and a SAVE button is clicked. From that moment on, the PDED is ready for the user.

4. How does someone become a PED author and what are the benefits? developed a powerful script-driven language, very similar to the natural language, that allows authors to begin creating PEDs (books, presentations, flyers, etc.) after just a couple of hours of hands-on training. Becoming a PED author is much easier than being an author per se. Therefore we are confident that actually anyone with the will and capability to be an author can do it. First register as a regular user with Bookata, then contact us via the Contact Us form located under the Contact TAB, to request a Manual, possibly a bit of training (free!) and then you’re ready to fly!
Although the spiritual benefits of joining our project may be obvious, please let us send you, upon request, an essay about Bookata, beautiful minds and the future of education.
The material benefits are only limited by your talent and productivity! We also guarantee the exposure and searchability of the books that you create and expose for sale, as soon as their content is approved.
We also guarantee a substantial percentage from every penny that the general public will spend on your book to get in the new world that you open for them and they ultimately create themselves, through each unique personalized copy ordered. In Bookata’s world, as outlined in the subtitle of this Manual, while the reader is a vehicle, an author is an engine!

5. Becoming an Author

For Bookata, Authors are “super-users”.
While anyone can browse the Bookata products and access the public information available on the site, only registered users can personalize and order books or cards.
Anyone registered as a user who purchased at least one item (including any item of cost zero) can be granted authorship rights. These rights are not guaranteed to any solicitor because they are the result of a personalized process during which a group of Bookata partners evaluates, through direct communication, the ability of the solicitor to be an author.
Therefore, as soon as you decide that you would like to create and sell personalizable books or cards through Bookata, please contact us through the form available on the website with an informal message, telling us what you think we should know about you to approve you as an author. We may kindly ask our own questions to complete the approval process.

Request the full Author's Manual through Contact Us